Professional & Personalized Doula Services

Lindsey Gardner’s Prenatal, Birth, and Early Postpartum Support Offerings

Birth Doula Support - $600

  • Prenatal support         
    - Two prenatal visits with you and your partner or support person (draw up your birth preferences, discuss and practice comfort measures and coping strategies, etc.
    - Unlimited texts, phone messages, calls, and emails

  • Birth support
    - On-call from 37 weeks until the time of birth (34-36 weeks for multiples)
    - Will at home or in hospital and in-person birth support will continue from then until baby is delivered

  • Postpartum support    
    - Immediately after birth, will remain with you and your partner for 1-2 hours until your family is ready for quiet time together
    - Can help with initial latch and breastfeeding, if necessary
    - Available via text, email, call, phone message for one month after the birth
    - Within a month of the birth, one postpartum visit is also included to check-in to see how you are doing, review the birth, and get feedback

Additional Services - $100 for either option

  • Three one-hour private prenatal yoga classes in your home

  • Three one-hour private postpartum yoga or stretching classes in your home

Kayla Madder’s Postpartum Support Offerings

  • In-Home Daytime Support- $20/hour
    Three hours minimum, between the hours of 8am-9pm
    Includes but is not limited to: support of mother, feeding and baby care support, assistance with older children, light housework, light cooking. 

  • In-Hospital Immediate Postpartum Support - $50
    Up to two hours
    Includes but is not limited to: support of mother; comfort measures; feeding and baby care support; support and education for support people (partners, family) on how to best support the mother and baby at home.

  • Overnight In-Home Support - $30/hour
    Six hours minimum, between the hours of 9pm-8am
    Includes but is not limited to: Family support through the night, care of infant(s), feeding support.

Additional Services

  • Preparing for Postpartum In-Person Consultation - $40
    r those who are not interested in having in-home support, Kayla will prepare a comprehensive overview of things to consider and prepare for the postpartum period. Topics that will be discussed include how to prepare your home, how to build your best support system, how to prepare a postpartum plan, and postpartum tips & tricks.

  • Postpartum Plan Planning Session - $40
    Assistance in creating a thorough and practical postpartum plan for the family, will include resources and continued support. 

  • Meal Train Scheduling and Coordination - $40
    Kayla will ensure hot meals are brought to the family at least once/day for a minimum of two weeks, scheduling and visitor management, includes a fruit and vegetable tray.

  • Personalized Postpartum Care Basket - $45 for small, $80 for large
    Small and large gift baskets available
    Includes postpartum care and self-care items, personalized to reflect the interests of the postpartum parent recipient.

Postpartum Care Basket

Postpartum Care Basket



  • Package #1 The Motherload - $1500
    50 hours of daytime in-home support, 20 overnight hours,
    includes all “Add-ons.”

  • Package #2 Super Supporter - $900
    50 hours of daytime in-home support for the price of 45, includes choice of one “Add-on.”

  • Package #3 Breathe Easy - $360
    20 hours of daytime in-home support for the price of 18, includes choice of one “Add-on.”

  • Package #4 Sleep Soundly - $540
    20 overnight hours for the price of 18, includes choice of one “Add-on.”